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Our portfolio

Here are some of the projects we already successfully delivered to our clients.

Front/Middle office Position and Risk Management system

Connected to the company’s backoffice system and major market data providers (Bloomberg, Ice, …), this Product evaluates the portfolio and offers, among many other features:

  • Analytical tools
  • Risk metrics & Stress tests
  • Granular Asset and Forex hedging
  • Options and Greeks hedging information
  • Virtual trading to test strategies and portfolio limits
  • Compliance reporting & custom pivot capabilities

SaaS – Integrated Project Risks and Operations management

In relation with Accounting, this multi-tenant product provides detailed Project Risks management. Built to be a SaaS platform, it includes built-in Market place and customer theming:

  • Risk and Opportunity management
  • Financial management with details accounting and P&L breakdown
  • Rich reporting modules, with 100s of available widgets
  • Fully customizable theme, layout, menus, dashboards…
  • Past evalution at any point in time (“Snapshoting”)
  • Security: 2-factor auth, segregated and encrypted DB and storage per tenant/customer, …

Next generation CRM

CRM is the core application for the saling force. It needs to be tailored to the business flow specificities. We focused on a sleek efficient UI to ensure all users enjoy updating and maintaining the data. With better data quality we were able to display more accurate statistics and use bots to define actions to be taken.

  • Not web based: Windows last technologies for sleek responsive UI
  • Drag and drop based, with filtering and full text search
  • Dashboard to vizualise KPIs and monitor ‘call to actions’ (not displayed)
  • Events management integrated into the client/prospect file
  • Cross department feed: subscribe to your territory activity

We sincerly thank our clients for their permission to display some of the products we crafted for them.

All the projects shown on this site are real delivered projects but all showcased using fake/generated data. They do not, in any way, display any proprietary information nor do they relate to any of our client real business data.